Qwik-Tune Chromatic Tuner


   This great little tuner is perfect for checking the tuning of just about any instrument. It's small size (3 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 3/4") makes it extremely portable. Here are some of it's many features:

  • Full Chromatic Capability - Check tuning on any note, including sharps and flats.

  • Automatic Note Selection

  • Easy To Read LCD Meter - extremely fast, very accurate response.

  • Built-in High Sensitivity Microphone - perfect for whistles, flutes, harps, acoustic guitars, etc.

  • In and Out 1/4" Jacks - (see second pic below). The In jack allows you to input the signal from an electric guitar or other amplified instrument (or an external microphone). The Out jack allows you to use the tuner in-line while you're playing, without altering the instrument's performance.

  • Auto-off - the tuner shuts off automatically after two minutes of inactivity.

  • "Coin Slot" (on back) - This neat little feature allows you to use a coin as a stand to hold your tuner at a comfortable viewing angle.

  • An instruction sheet is also included.


Qwik-Tune Chromatic Tuner
(Pictures are not true to size, dimensions are listed above)


Example of use:
In the picture of the tuner shown above, a D is being played exactly in tune. Notice how the D has a box around it, and the "needle" is pointing straight up to 0, indicating that the note is in tune. If the note is being played sharp, the needle moves to the right. If the note is being played flat, the needle drops to the left.
If you were to play a chromatic note - an F# for example - the F would have a box around it, and the "#" sign would also have a box around it.


Tuner - Side View
Side View (to show In/Out 1/4" Jacks)


Requires one 9-volt battery (Battery NOT INCLUDED)


Qwik-Tune Chromatic Tuner

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