Guinness 18" "Signature" BodhrÓn


The Bodhrßn (pronounced "bough-rawn" - like the bough of a tree) is rich in history. It has been used in war, served double-duty as a husk sifter and grain tray, and is the most popular percussion instrument for traditional Irish music. Endless variations in sound are possible by using a hand on the back of the head to raise and lower the pitch of the sound.



The Guinness BodhrÓn has a goatskin head and laminated wood body. A wooden beater (tipper) is also included.


If you're new to the BodhrÓn, you might want to take a look at our Absolute Beginner's BodhrÓn Tutor and Cassette or our BodhrÓn, Spoons & Bones video. The Superior«  Heavy BodhrÓn Bag can be found on our "New Items" Page.

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