Halpin Tunable BodhrÓn

19" or 15"

Nov. 9th, 2005 - Please Note:
Quite sadly, Fred Halpin (maker of Halpin drums) passed away earlier this year. He will be sorely missed by the worldwide music community. His drums are no longer available though us; we have left this page up for reference only.



Fred Halpin's Drums have set a new standard for high quality BodhrÓns. The tone must be heard to be believed - they have a very rich, deep tone. Tuning key, a hand-carved tipper and a care sheet are provided with each drum.

The impressive list of professional players that play Halpin drums is growing all the time. See Halpin's Testimonial Page for details (link opens in a new window).

The patented tuning system is all but invisible - look closely at the above picture of the back of the 15" drum - you'll see a number of small holes in the rim - you insert the tuning key into each of these holes, then tune it in a "star pattern". This causes the tuning ring to push against the inside of the head to tune the drum.

This drum is 19" in diameter by 4" deep The cross bar is made of 3/8" maple dowling. The cross bar is placed about 2" below the playing surface and is set a bit off center. The rim is made of two 3.8" inch layers of bendable plywood. The inner layer is made of one strip of 1/8" birch plywood. The outside is veneered with assorted exotic woods. The final finish consists of three coats of varnish polished with Johnson's paste floor wax. The leather trim is cowhide and it is held by Ż" brass screws at 2" intervals.

The head is made of a thick goat skin that is treated by a special process that is unique to Halpin drums. You should not use anything to "treat" the head yourself (do not use water, leather treatment, etc) - they always play best as-is. Read all about the care of Halpin BodhrÓns on Halpin's Care and Maintenance Page (link opens in a new window).


If you're new to the BodhrÓn, you might want to take a look at our Absolute Beginner's BodhrÓn Tutor and Cassette or our BodhrÓn, Spoons & Bones video.


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Halpin 15" Tunable BodhrÓn - Catalog# 853 - $295.00         Sorry, no longer available

Halpin 19" Tunable BodhrÓn - Catalog# 854 - $325.00        Sorry, no longer available


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