30 Button C/G Concertina

Made in Italy - Mahogany

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The concertina was first created in the early 1800's and originally called a Symphonium. The "Anglo System" was developed in around 1850 by George Jones. It has a push-pull two-note system similar to a harmonica.


30 Button Concertina


An Anglo concertina tuned to C/G is an excellent choice for Irish music - the key of D is played across the rows (high notes with the right hand, low notes with the left).


Concertina Buttons


This concertina was made in the traditional accordion making section of Italy by Gremlin. It has high quality Swedish steel reeds (replaceable) giving it a clear, bright tone. The bellows and hand straps are made of leather, the ends are made of beautiful inlaid mahogany (see detail pics below). It has 30 buttons plus the right thumb button and is tuned to C/G.


30 Button Concertina








A fingering chart is also included

Fingering Chart


Also be sure to take a look at the following accessories for your Concertina:

- Soft Case
- Hard-shell Case

We also hope to be adding tutorials and songbooks for concertina in the near future.



Please Note: We try to keep this concertina in stock at all times, but since they are hand-made then imported to the U.S., there can be a bit of a wait for them at times. Please feel free to contact us via email if you'd like to check availability before you place your order.



30 Button C/G Gremlin Concertina - Mahogany

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Sorry, this item is not available from us at this time.



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