Low Whistle

By Phil Hardy


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If you already play whistle - or if you've been looking through our Online Catalog - then you're no doubt familiar with the name Phil Hardy. Phil is the Maker of Chieftain and Kerry Whistles. A little lesser well-know (until now), were his musical talents.


From the CD insert:
After making whistles for 8 years, I thought it was time to record a CD dedicated to the Low Whistle. This CD is something a little different, gritty, and unpolished. I wanted to capture the essence of the ideas without over producing them. I hope you enjoy it.
Phil Hardy


Low Whistle CD


Phil Hardy, speaking of his Low Whistle CD:
"I think that I wanted to show the whistles doing something different and to make a CD with the whistle as the main instrument. At KWL we have our own digital studio and were looking for more whistle players to record. It's a very exciting time for us as we are expanding into different areas."


A note from Thom (at The Whistle Shop):
I tried to think of a way to "categorize" this CD as I was listing it here, but after much thought I was still unable to - the music is just too diverse to put in any one category. I find it to be a delightful CD - it not only showcases Phil's talent, but really demonstrates the marvelous melodies that a whistle is capable of producing. A very inspiring CD for whistle players of any ability level.


In addition to Chieftain and Kerry Pro whistles, Phil plays most of the other instruments on the CD also, including: Electric and String Bass, Flyde Mandola, Digeridoo, Le Harte Timber Flutes D/Eb, Martin Acoustic 6 String, Korg Keys, Percussion, BodhrÓn (Moggy 16")and Tibetan Bowls.




We've included a few audio clips from this CD below. These clips are all in MP3 format - if you aren't able to listen to them by clicking on the title, you'll need to get a music player for your computer that will play MP3 recordings. Winamp for example,   is free and very simple to download and install. You can get Winamp by clicking on the button below:

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Low Whistle
List of tunes (and audio clips):

- Mike Murts - The Magpies Tale
- Donals' Duck - Tibetan Lament
- Foggies Hat - Paddys' Paradise
- Cun Ana - The Lonely Christmas
- Mrs Murphys' Camel - Continental Drift

Sound clips provided with kind permission of Phil Hardy and KWL Music.


Low Whistle
CD by Phil Hardy
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