Low Whistle 2

By Phil Hardy

If you already play whistle - or if you've been looking through our Online Catalog - then you're no doubt familiar with the name Phil Hardy. Phil is the Maker of Chieftain and Kerry Whistles. A little lesser well-know (until now), were his musical talents. whistleworks is a great collection of traditional and original music.


Phil Hardy, speaking of this CD:
"This CD is a departure from my first CD "Low Whistle". I wanted to make a more acoustic / trad orientated album, not relying on programming. This is a good test in one's ability as a musician and I have enjoyed this process much.

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Winds / Strings / Skins / Percs / Keys - Phil Hardy
Fiddle (Tracks 4 & 5) - Cathy Hill
Piano (Track 10) - Rob Terry
Uilleann Pipes (Tracks 2/3/9) - Tim Dowd




We've included a few audio clips from this CD below. These clips are all in MP3 format - if you aren't able to listen to them by clicking on the title, you'll need to get a music player for your computer that will play MP3 recordings. Winamp for example,   is free and very simple to download and install. You can get Winamp by clicking on the button below:

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Low Whistle 2
List of tunes (and audio clips):
The "lo-fi" clips will load faster on your computer, but the "hi-fi" clips sound much better

- The Hunters House / The Duke of Leinster - Lady Lane / Farewell to Whalley Range / The Battering Ram  lo-fi   hi-fi
- The Long Drive Home / The Wedding Day  lo-fi   hi-fi - Master Crowley's Reels / Colin's Goat
- The Whistlemaker - The Ninth of May / Wet the Whistle
- The Dark Maiden - The Edinburgh Jig
- The King of the Pipers - The Road to Kerry / Mervyn's Peak  lo-fi   hi-fi
- Trim the Velvet / The Blackberry Jam / Travers  lo-fi   hi-fi - McFadden's Sean McGuire's / Jackson's Favourite

Sound clips provided with kind permission of Phil Hardy and KWL Music.

Low Whistle 2
CD by Phil Hardy
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