Don Kavanagh

A Dubliner & His Harmonica


This collection of traditional Celtic music features the superb Harmonica playing of Don Kavanagh along with a variety of other talented musicians.



List of tunes:
Click on "High-Fi" or Low-Fi" below to listen to the tune (.mp3 format)

~ Belfast & Trumpet Hornpipes     High-Fi   Low-Fi
~ Sean Ui Dhuibhir & Jockey to the Fair
~ Three Sea Captains & Maggie Browne's Favourite     High-Fi   Low-Fi
~ Brochan Liom & My Love is but a Lassie Yet     High-Fi   Low-Fi
~ Slan Le Maigh (Farewell to Maigue) (Slow Air)     High-Fi   Low-Fi
~ The Fairies & Fort of Kincora Hornpipes
~ Bonnie Kate, The Wind that Shakes the Barley & John Brennan's (Irish Reels)
~ The Misses Eccles Waltz
~ A Druimfhionn Donn Dilis (Whistling Solo - Don)
~ Cahiramee & Drops of Brandy (Slip Jigs)
~ Tim the Turncoat & Byrnes Hornpipes
~ Planxty Irwin & Fanny Power
~ The Celts Ride Again - Catherine O'Hehir's, Knights of St. Patrick Jigs & Dark Island
~ Ambrose Grehan's Highland & Speed the Plough
~ The Lark in the Clean Air (Slow Air - Solo Harmonica)
~ A Rosebud by my Early Walk & My Love is like a Red, Red Rose (Scottish Waltzes)
~ Quebec Set: Sherbrooke Reel, The Old Man and the Old Woman & Little Brown Jug  High-Fi   Low-Fi
~ Cait ni Dhuibhir (Whistling Solo - Don)
~ The Watchmaker Polka & a Reel (title unknown)
~ An Cuilfhionn & Ned of the Hill (Slow Airs)

Sound clips used by kind permission of Don Kavanagh

Don Kavanagh

A Dubliner & His Harmonica
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