Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes

110 Tunes - 48 Pages

   Book available separately, or with the 2-CD Set

  A great collection of 110 traditional tunes, arranged specifically with the Fiddle in mind. Also included is a section on ornamentation for Fiddle, including Rolls, Cuts and Triplets. Most of the tunes in this book are written in the key of D or G, all of the tunes include guitar chords.


From the Cover:
110 of the best tunes in any fiddler's repertoire, specially chosen and arrange by one of Ireland's top players and teachers. Includes a special feature on rolls, cuts, triplets and other ornamentation.




Book/CD Sets in the "Ireland's Best" Series:
- Slow Airs
- Session Tunes
- Session Tunes, Vol. 2
- Tin Whistle Tunes

- Polkas & Slides
- Fiddle Tunes


Musicians featured on the "Fiddle Tunes" 2 CD Set:

~ Fiddle: Brendan O'Sullivan
~ Guitar: Gavin Ralston


This book is not intended as a tutorial! While it does include some notes on ornamentation, it has no fingering charts, or music reading lessons. It is an excellent book for someone that can already read music.


Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes

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