Irish Tin Whistle Legends

48 Pages - By Tommy Walsh


This is a very good collection of tunes for the Tinwhistle. It starts with a brief history of the whistle, and is not only full of wonderful Irish tunes, but also includes short biographies , pictures, and arrangements (including ornamentation) by some of the most talented whistle players ever (see 2nd pic below).


Irish Tin Whistle Legends

Included are arrangements by:

- Mary Bergin
- Vincent Broderick
- Mioho Russell
- Donncha O'Briain
- Paddy Moloney
- Seán Potts
- Míchéal Ó halmain

Irish Tin Whistle Legends

This book is not intended as a tutorial
It has no fingering charts, or note explanations. It is an excellent book for someone that is familiar with the whistle, and even has a page of recommended listening (Discography).

You will need to have a Whistle in the key of D to make proper use of this book. All the tunes are written in keys that are meant to be played on a D whistle. Take a look at the Whistle Section of our online catalog  if you need a D Whistle.



Irish Tinwhistle Legends

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