Burke Aluminum Narrow-bore Soprano DBurke Session-bore and Narrow-bore Composite Soprano Ds

Burke Whistles

Aluminum Narrow-bore Soprano D (shown on the left)
Composite Narrow-bore Soprano D
(shown on the far right)
Composite Session-bore Soprano D
(shown on the near right)

Aluminum Narrow-bore Soprano C (not shown)
Brass Narrow-bore Soprano C (shown below)


We are so glad to finally be able to offer a few models of Burke Whistles! Burkes are favored by many of the best whistle players in the world. They have a beautiful, very clean tone, and are right-on tuning-wise. They play effortlessly in the upper register, and even play easily a few notes into the 3rd octave! We just can't say enough good about these whistles.


Michael Burke does make his whistles in other models and other keys (only the ones shown on this page are currently available through us). The models that we are offering for sale are hand-picked by the Owner of The Whistle Shop as his personal favorites.


Burke Aluminum whistles have a Delrin-tipped mouthpiece, so condensation build-up in the windway is not the problem that it is with many metal whistles. Composite Burkes are made of lightweight, durable Bakelite. All Burke whistles have a curved windway, which helps disperse condensation.

A Whistle Pouch is also included with each Burke whistle- it's made of a black vinyl synthetic leather and includes a belt loop and flap with a Velcro closure.Maintenance instructions are also included.

Here are some thoughts about these whistles from the Owner of The Whistle Shop (Thom Larson):

"Even long before we stocked these whistles, I had quite often recommend them to customers when I was asked what my personal preference is for a Soprano D Whistle. In the band that I play in (Bloomsday) - and at the Sessions that I participate in - my Soprano D whistle of choice is an Aluminum Narrow-bore Burke. It has a beautiful tone, but still has enough volume to hold its own at a Session (without overpowering the other instruments). The tuning slide always stays right where it should; I almost never have to retune my Burkes from Session to Session.

The aluminum model has a very pure tone, but when I want something even sweeter-sounding, I reach for my Burke Narrow-bore Composite Soprano D. The Narrow-bore Composite doesn't really have enough volume to keep up with a few Fiddles or accordions at a Session, but it sure does sound sweet.

The Session-bore Composite D is a good choice for a whistle that's kind of in-between these two whistles volume-wise."


Sorry, Burke Whistles are not available from us at this time. We recommend that you contact Michael Burke directly for your purchase - you will find his website at:



Orders outside the U.S. must be for a minimum of $30.00 in merchandise!