"Mellow Dog"

Key of D, Brass
Tweaked by Jerry Freeman


December 12th, 2020 - Please Note:
We were told that, at least for the time being, Jerry Freeman has stopped tweaking whistles. We will update this information if/when we have more news.


The whistle that you receive may have a green mouthpiece (as shown) or a black mouthpiece - there is no difference in tone.


The Freeman Mellow Dog has achieved a devoted worldwide following. Many players consider this whistle, together with the Freeman Blackbird, to be among the best in the world, on par with instruments costing several times the modest price.

The Mellow Dog is a wide body whistle with a velvety timbre, towards the sweet/pure end of the spectrum, but a little warmer, slightly more complex and also somewhat louder than the Blackbird.

Established players often choose the Mellow Dog when they're looking for a superb whistle that accommodates a stronger breath or when they're picking a whistle for session play. Beginning players almost universally choose the Mellow Dog because of its hauntingly beautiful sound coupled with a remarkable ease of handling.

Although the Mellow Dog is a tweaked whistle, it is completely different from the mass produced whistle that was transformed to make it. The Mellow Dog whistle head began on a key of C standard body tube and then was extensively reconfigured to create a new instrument in the key of D. The Mellow Dog tone body is made from scratch in Jerry Freeman's workshop.

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"Mellow Dog" Whistle
Key of D


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