Qwik-Time Quartz Metronome


This metronome has all the features of ones costing much more. Its small size makes it extremely portable. Metronomes are extremely helpful to beginners for keeping a consistent rhythm. Advanced players find them helpful as a way to increase playing speed.


Here are some of it's many features:

  • Rhythms include 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 (3/4 will also work for 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8)

  • Accent Beat - to help you keep track of where the first beat of each measure is.

  • Easy To Read LCD Screen - Shows the time signature, beats per minute, and a visual "Bouncing Ball".

  • Over 200 Speeds - 40 to 250 beats per minute, with quartz accuracy

  • Sound Button - this is a "Mute" button. The "bouncing ball" and red light continue to flash, but the sound is shut off. This is very useful while recording, if you do not desire the metronome to be heard.

  • Built-in Fold-out Stand

  • Tone Generator - plays an A at exactly 440hz when needed (for accurate tuning).




   Battery(s) are included

Qwik-Time Quartz Metronome

Price - $12.95

Catalog# - 437


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