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 Items marked with an asterisk* are one of a kind in our inventory!

Also note that most items not marked with an asterisk are of very limited quantity.

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    Tutorials, Music Books, Sheet Music

 Blank Sheet Music (Tablet) - Reg. $4.99 - Sale $3.95    
 Ireland's Best Loved Songs & Ballads For Easy Piano - Reg. $9.95 - Sale $3.50      
 100 Classic Melodies for Violin - Reg. $10.95 - Sale $2.95    
 Ireland's Best Carolan Tunes - Book Only - Reg. $19.95 - Sale $15.95    
 *Ireland's Best Carolan Tunes - 2-CD Set Only - Reg. $23.95 - Sale $18.95    
 Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes, Vol. 1 - Book & 2-CD Set - Reg. $39.95 - Sale $31.95    

    Misc. Instruments

 Kazoo (colors vary) - Reg. $3.60 - Sale $2.80   
 Bluegrass Jaw Harp - Reg. $7.00 - Sale $5.50   



Orders outside the U.S. must be for a minimum of $30.00 in merchandise!


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