Recommended Whistles, Tutorials and Sets For Beginners


   Whistle is a great first instrument, and on this page we give some of our recommendations for people just getting started. Keep in mind that even the most inexpensive whistles are capable of all the ornamentation and range that a more expensive whistle is.

We always recommend that you stick with a Soprano D for your first whistle. If you'd like more info about keys, see our Online Tutorial, or our FAQ Section.

We also recommend that a beginner get at least two different whistles to start with, if possible. This way, if you have any trouble when learning (for instance, if you're having trouble hitting a certain high note), you can just pick up the other whistle to determine if the problem is the whistle or not.


Recommended Sets (Includes a Whistle in D) -




Recommended First Whistles -


  • Sweetone by Clarke - This is an excellent choice for a first whistle. It has a happy, round sound, and is played quite easily in it's entire two octave range.


  • Original Clarke - Made of tin-plate, with a wooden fipple (the block in the mouthpiece). This non-tunable whistle will give you the classic "Tinwhistle Sound", but does require more air to play than the whistles with plastic mouthpieces. If you'd like a whistle that retains the unique Clarke sound, but requires less air, take a look at our "tweeked" version .


  • Walton's "Little Black D" - This is one of the least expensive whistles on the market today, and is the whistle recommend by many instructors for new players.

  • Walton's Irish Whistle - Available in Brass, a favorite of traditional Irish players.

  • Susato Oriole Model - Made of ABS plastic, this durable whistle is played easily throughout its entire 2+ octave range. Susato Orioles are tunable

  • Susato Kildare Model - Made with a slightly tapered bore, this tunable whistle is an excellent choice as a first whistle.

Recommended Tutorials -



Recommended Low Whistles -

Be sure to take a look at our Low Whistle Page before deciding if a Low whistle is right for you!

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