Cocus Wood Practice Chanter

Bagpipe Practice Chanter

Made of Cocus Wood



The practice chanter is the first instrument that the beginning Piper starts with. It allows you to practice correct fingering for the Bagpipes, and helps to build lung capacity. It has a smaller bore, and is much quieter than the bagpipes are. It is quiet enough to play indoors. The reed (see 2nd pic) is inserted between the two pull-apart sections of the chanter, and is replaceable.



It is made of beautiful Cocus Wood by Gremlin in Pakistan. It has imitation ivory fittings, and a plastic mouthpiece. The reed is included. Also included is a full size copy of the fingering chart shown in the last picture below.



Replacement/extra reeds are also available at a very reasonable cost in our Online Catalog (click here).









Fingering Chart

Click on the fingering chart above to see a full size version.


Practice Chanter - Cocus Wood

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