Basic Harp for Beginners

By Laurie Riley
77 Pages


This is very compete, well written first book for the beginning harpist (good for both floor harp and lap harp). It includes detailed instructions, illustrations, and many great tunes (see details below).


Basic Harp for Beginners


Included in this book:

~ The Harp (diagram)                     ~ Walking Fingers
~ The Type of Harps                       ~ Non-threatening theory
~ How to sit with your harp             ~ Crossovers and Scales
~ How to use your hands                 ~ More Easy Theory
~ How the musical staff compares with the harp and Piano                ~ Rolled, broken and open chords
~ How to read music notation          ~ The levers
~ Finger placement                          ~ Octave jumps
~ How to read harp Tablature          ~ Ornamentation
~ Beginning Etudes                           
~ Preparatory Etudes                      ~ Plus many tunes!




Basic Harp for Beginners

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