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Illusions by Design is no longer making these T-shirts. As you'll see below, we only have a few left in stock...


High quality, thick 100% cotton T-shirts.
All T-shirts on this page are available in black only (design is on the front of the shirt).

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Lindisfarne Cross - #0-320

This T-shirt design symbolizes the union of two cultures, the old pagan Celtic tradition and the new Christian religion that swept across the ancient world. The marriage of its old Celtic circle with the Christian cross and its intricate Celtic knotwork patterning is emblematic of this union.

Behind the cross, in a hazy blue glow, more Celtic tracery blends with a ghostly text taken from the Lindisfarne Gospels. Just visible between the lines of the principal Latin script (written circa 698 A.D.) can be seen the first extant English translation of the gospels (added to the page some 250 years later) which is representative of the constant change that the tides of history have left upon an ancient heritage.


Merlin at Stonehenge - #0-506 - Sorry, no longer available

Legend has it that before man arrived on the shores of the islands known today as "Britain," there dwelt a race of giants who built the huge stone circles, dolmens and trilithons that litter the landscape. King of the Giants was Albion, whose greatest work was an immense stone circle, the "Giants' Dance," which he built upon mount Killaraus in Ireland.

Centuries later, it is said that it was moved in a single night to Salisbury plain by Merlin, at the behest of King Uther Pendragon, to mark the site of the betrayal and slaughter of his kinsmen. Today this site is known as Stonehenge. King Uther also called upon Merlin to use his magic to transform him into the likeness of Gorlois, the Lord of Tintagel, in order that he might possess Gorlois’ coveted bride, Igraine. The deception was successful and Merlin hid the child of Uther and Igraine in the household of Sir Hector, where the boy was raised as a humble squire.


Cobalt Dragon on Fine-line Celtic Cross - #0-114 - Sorry, no longer available

The merging of the cobalt blues along with the very fine line work of the Celtic cross rendered using a highly reflective flecked gold is incredible. In the sun the cross sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow. This cross would have been made from Gold, Silver or Bronze. A must have!!



Green Dragon On A Celtic Circle - #0-101 - Sorry, no longer available

This has been Illusions By Designs best selling T-shirt over the last 4 years (6 years in Europe). It was created by hand using a pointillist style combining different greens, blues and grays. The ring is a Celtic "ring of the year" showing a continuous cycle of birth growth and death back to birth.


Giant Triskal - #0-317- Sorry, no longer available




Shirts are currently available only in certain sizes. These shirts are no longer available from the manufacturer, so once they're gone, they're gone for good...


Black, Any design, any size - $19.90 each

Lindisfarne Cross - #0-320                               qty:   

Merlin at Stonehenge - #0-506                      Sorry, no longer available

Cobalt Dragon on Celtic Cross - #0-114    Sorry, no longer available 

Green Dragon on Celtic Circle - #0-101      Sorry, no longer available 

Giant Triskal - #0-317                                        Sorry, no longer available  

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