Roundstone Buskers

The Roundstone Buskers is “not another meat and potatoes Irish band". While they play traditional Celtic and folk music, it is not of the ordinary fare. Their selection of songs and tunes are unique and carefully selected. There is an uplifting spirit and drive to the music where the old world and the new world manage to meet as the Buskers weave elements of both worlds in their own arrangements of songs and tunes.

Based in the Midwest, The Roundstone Buskers formed in March of 2002.

The Roundstone Buskers are:
Tom Grafton
-guitar, hammered dulcimer and vocals
Tom Jones
-bodhràn, harmonica, whistles, dumbek, madal drum and other assorted percussion and vocals
Shannan Sullivan
-violin/fiddle and vocals

"...To watch this group perform is to feel as if you are invited to a party in which you are the guest of honor.  There is a true genuine relationship with the audience that is infectious if not downright refreshing….”

You can learn more about the Buskers by visiting their website at:

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We've included a few audio clips from this CD below. These clips are all in MP3 format - if you aren't able to listen to them by clicking on the link, you'll need to get a music player for your computer that will play MP3 recordings. Winamp for example, is free and very simple to download and install


Songs from the CD:
(Sound clips on this page are approx. 500kb in size)

- Saint Anne's /Blackberry Blossom (3:33) - Eleanor Rigby (5:43)
- The Tree/ High Road to Linton (2:44) - Do You Love an Apple? (4:33)
- Chevaliers (5:04) - Star of the County Down (5:13)
- Petronella/ Liberty (3:00) - The Legend of Tam Lin (4:55)
- Dol Li A (4:59) - I've Just Seen a Face (4:28)
- Farewell to Ireland (4:52) - Pig 'n' Whistle (7:14)

Sound clips and most text on this page provided with kind permission of
The Roundstone Buskers

Roundstone Buskers
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