Murphy Roche
Irish Music Club



A very talented group of musicians from the Chicago, IL area playing a high energy collection of traditional Celtic music.

You'll find that this is a great CD to play along with - it has a real "traditional Session" feel to it.

You can find out more about Murphy Roche by visiting their website
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List of tunes:

~ Apples in Winter / Tobin's Favorite / Atoll Highlanders (Jigs)
~ Triumphal / O'Neill's (Marches)
~ Down by the Sally Gardens (Song)
~ Dunmore Lasses / Traveler (Reels)
~ Rose in the Heather / The Rambler (Jigs)
~ Charlie Harris / Finnish / Jessica's (Polkas)
~ Julia Delaney / Miss Monaghan's (Reels)
~ Bold O'Donahue (Song) / Kesh Jig / Morrison's Jig
~ Musical Priest / Morning Dew / Jenny's Chickens (Reels)
~ Gold Ring / Orphan / Cliffs of Moher (Jigs)
~ Murphy's (Hornpipe)
~ John Brennan's / Father Kelly's (Reels)
~ My Darling Asleep / Jig of Slurs (Jigs)
~ An Feochan (Air)
~ Silver Spear / Sally Gardens / St. Anne's / Ships Are Sailing / Mountain Road (Reels)


Murphy Roche

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