Tin Air

Frank Cassidy and Friends


This album is a combination of original and traditional Celtic music featuring Frank Cassidy on whistle. The music is in the traditional Irish style with an African pulse.


Frank Cassidy grew up in the middle of Ireland, surrounded by Traditional music in Offaly and east Galway. He won All-Ireland music honors when he was sixteen. Since then, he has played many venues from Dublin's Trinity Hall to the first multi-racial concert in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He has co-written the theme music for an Irish Arts program for RTE (Irish TV) and has appeared on Irish, South African and Canadian television.

Frank has made guest appearances on many albums and performed at festivals and concerts throughout Canada, his original music has been recorded by musicians in Ireland and Canada.

Frank now lives in Ottawa where he performs regularly with various ensembles.

Guest musicians joining Frank on this album represent some of the best Celtic players in Canada.

Tin Air
List of tunes:

            - On the Wake / The Faired Haired Girl - Dear Old Galway Bay
            - Tin Air - The Salmon Beds /Erin's Kitchen
            - Kileen's Fairy Hills - The Gates Of The Yellow Town
            - Too Much Tea / Killygally - Last Nights Effort / The Galloping Ass 
            - The Irish Acadian Boy / Katie's - Drums Of War 
            - The Last Leaving - James Fintan's Fancy / Hightstreet Surprise
           - Pontiac Pot-Pourri   


Tin Air
CD by Frank Cassidy
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