The Fiddler’s Fakebook includes:
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After The Battle Of Aughrim

Allie Crocker

Angeline The Baker 1

Angeline The Baker 2

Angus Campbell

Another Jig Will Do

Apple Blossom

Archie Menzie's Reel

Arkansas Traveler 1

Arkansas Traveler 2

Arkansas Traveler 3

Arthur Seat

The Athole Highlander's Farewell To Loch Katrine

The Athole Highlanders


Avalon Quickstep

Back Step Cindy

Back Up And Push

Baker's Breakdown

The Ballykeal Jig

Banish Misfortune

Banks Hornpipe

Barbara's Fancy

Barlow Knife

La Bastringue

The Battering Ram

The Battle Of Aughrim

Beaumont Rag

Bee's Wing Hornpipe

Betty Liken

Big Sandy River

The Big Scioty

Bill Cheatham 1

Bill Cheatham 2

Billy In The Lowground 1

Billy In The Lowground 2

Birdie A

Birdie B

The Bird In The Tree

Bitter Creek

Black And White Rag

Blackberry Blossom 1

Black Eyed Suzie

Black Mountain Rag

Black Nag

Bluegrass In The Backwoods

Boatin' Up Sandy

Bobby Shaftoe

Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine

Bonaparte Crossing The Rocky Mountains

Bonaparte's Retreat

Bonnie Isle O'Whalsay

Bonnie Kate

Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord

The Boys Of Bluehill

The Boys Of Lough

The Boys Of Wexford

Breaking Up Christmas

Briarpicker Brown

Brickyard Joe

The Bride's A Bonnie Thing

Brilliancy Medley

Bull At The Wagon

The Bunch Of Keys 1

The Bunch Of Keys 2

Cabri Waltz

Cacklin' Hen

The Cameron Highlanders

Campbell's Farewell To Red Gap

Camp Chase

Carolan's Concerto

Carroll County Blues

Cattle In The Cane

Cherish The Ladies

Cherokee Shuffle

Chicken Reel

Chief O'Neill's Favorite


Chinese Breakdown

Chorus Jig

Christmas Day Ida Moarin'


Cluckin' Hen

Cluck Old Hen


Coleman's Cross


College Groves

Colored Aristocracy

Come Dance And Sing

The Congress Reel

The Connaughtman's Rambles

Cooley's Reel

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Cotton Patch Rag

Country Waltz

Crazy Creek

Cricket On The Hearth

Cripple Creek 1

Cripple Creek 2

Cross Eyed Fiddler

Cross Reel

Cuckoo's Nest


Cumberland Gap

Dailey's Reel

Dallas Rag

Dance All Night

The Day Dawn

Dennis Murphy's Polka

Devil's Dream

Dill Pickle Rag

Donald Blue

Donald Cameron's Polka

Done Gone

Don Tremaine's Reel

Double File

Dowd's Favorite

Down The Broom 1

Draggin' The Bow

Drowsy Maggie

Drunken Billy Goat

Drunken Hiccups


Dicks On The Millpond 1

Ducks On The Pond

Durang's Hornpipe 1

Durang's Hornpipe 2

Durham's Bull

Dusty Miller 1

Dusty Miller 2a

Dusty Miller 2b

East Neuk Of Fife

East Tennessee Blues


Eighth Of January

Elzic's Farewell

Eugene Stratton

Fairy Dance

Falls Of Richmond

Farewell To Ireland

Farewell To Whiskey

Festival Waltz

Fiddle Head Reel

Fiddler's Dream

Fiddling Around

Fire On The Mountain

Fisherman's Favorite

Fisher's Hornpipe

Flop-Eared Mule

Florida Blues

Flowers Of Edinburgh

Flying Cloud Cotillion

Folding Down The Sheets

Forked Deer

Forks Of Sandy

Fort Smith Breakdown


Four Cent Cotton

Fourteen Days In Georgia

Frieze Breeches

Frosty Morning

Da Galley Watch


Galway Hornpipe

Gaspe Reel

Gavin McMullen

George Booker

Georgia Railroad

Georgiana Moon

Gillian's Reel

The Girl I Left Behind Me

The Girl That Broke My Heart

Give Me Your Hand

Give The Fiddler A Dram 1

Gladstone's Reel

Going Down The River

Going To Jail

Going To Town

Golden Slippers

The Gold Ring

Goodbye Liza Jane

The Gravel Walk

Great Big Taters In Sandy Land

Greenfields Of America

Green Mountain Petronella

Green Willis

Grey Eagle

The Growling Old Man And Woman

Halting March

Hamilton County

Hanged Man's Reel

Harvest Home

Hast To The Wedding

Hawkins' Rag

Hawks And Eagles

Hell Among The Yearlings


Hickman County

Hi-Flyer Stomp

High Dad In The Morning

The Highland Man That Kissed His Grannie

Hobart's Transformation

Hog Eye

Hollow Poplar

Hull's Victory

The Humours Of Ballyconnell

The Humours Of Ballyloughlin

The Hunter's Purse

Huntsman's Chorus

I Don't Love Nobody

In The Woodpile

The Irish Washerwoman

The Iron Man

Jack Broke Da Prison Door

Jack Of Diamonds

Jackson's Reel 1

Jackson's Reel 2

Jackson Stomp


Jenny Lind Polka

Jenny Lynn

Jenny's Welcome To Charlie

Jerusalem Ridge

John Brown's Dream

John Kelly's Slide

Johnny's Gone To France

Johnny The Blacksmith 1

John Ryan's Polka

Joys Of Quebec

Joyous Waltz

Jug Of Punch

June Apple

Katy Did

Katy Hill

Kaw River

Keep The Ark A Movin'

The Kerryman's Daughter

The Kerry Reel

The Kesh Jig

The Kid On The Mountain

The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure

The King Of The Fairies

The King OF The Pipers

Kissimee Kid

The Kitchen Girl

Kitty McGee

Lady Anne Montgomery

Lady In The Boat

Lady On The Island

The Laird O'Drumblair Strathspey

Langstrom's Pony

The Lark In The Morning

Larry O'Gaff

Lasses Trust In Providence

Last Night's Joy

The Last Of Callahan

Leather Britches

Lee Highway Blues

Da Lerwicks Lasses


Liberty Off The Corn Liquor Still

Lime Rock

Listen To The Mockingbird

Little Burnt Potato

Little Liza Jane

Little Rabbit

Liza Jane 1

Loch Earn Reel

Loch Lavan Castle

Lonesome Fiddle Blues

Lord Gordon's Reel

Lord Inchiquin

Lord MacDonald's Reel

Lord Mayo 1

Lost Indian 1

Lost Indian 2

Lost John

Lost Train Blues

Louie's First Tune

Maggie Brown's Favorite


The Maid Behind The Bar

Maiden's Prayer

The Maid On The Green

Make A Little Boat

Malcolm Finlay's Reel

Marching Down Broadway

Martha Campbell

Mary Walker

Mason's Apron

McMahon's Reel

Merrily Kiss The Quaker

The Merry Sisters

Methodist Preacher

Midnight On The Water

Millbank Cottage

Miller's Reel A

Mineola Rag

Mississippi Hornpipe

Mississippi Sawyer

Miss McLeod's Reel 1

Miss McLeod's Reel 2

Miss Monahan's Reel

Miss Thornton's Reel

Miss Wedderburn's Reel

Molly Put The Kettle On

Money Musk A

Money Musk B

Monroe's Hornpipe

Morgan Magan

The Morning Dew

Morpeth Rant

Murphy's Hornpipe

The Musical Priest

My Own House Waltz

Nancy Rowland

New Money

The Nine Points Of Roguery


The Oak Tree

Off She Goes

Off To California

O'Keefe's Slide

Old French

Old Jimmy Sutton

Old Joe Clark

Old Molly Hare

Old Mother Flanagan

One More River To Cross

Opera Reel

Opus 57

Orange Blossom Special

Over The Waterfall

Ozark Rag

Paddy On The Railroad

Paddy On The Turnpike 1a

Paddy On The Turnpike 1b1

Paddy On The Turnpike 1b2

Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider?

Padraic O'Keefe's Slide

Peacock Rag

Peter Francisco


Pig Ankle Rag

Pigeon On The Gate

The Pipe On The Hob

Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes

Planxty Drury

Planxty George Brabazon

Planxty Irwin

President Garfield's Hornpipe

Pretty Little Dog

Prince William

Queen Of The Fair

The Queen's Jig

Quince Dillon' High D

Ragtime Annie

The Rakes Of Kildare

Red Apple Rag

Red Haired Boy

Red Lion Hornpipe

Red WIng


Richmond Cotillion

Rickett's Hornpipe

Rights Of Man

Road To Columbus

The Road To Lisdoonvarna 1

The Road To Lisdoonvarna 2

Rochester Schottische 1

Rock The Cradle Joe

Rocky Mountain Goat

Rocky Road To Dublin 1

Rodney's Glory

Rose Division

Rose Tree 1

Rose Tree 2

Ross's Reel


The Route

Roxanna's Waltz

Roxborough Castle

Run, Johnny, Run A

Run, Johhny, Run B

Russian Rag

Rye Straw

Sail Away Ladies 1a

Sail Away Ladies 1b

Sail Away Ladies 2

The Sailor's Bonnet

Sailor's Hornpipe

Saint Anne's Reel

Sally Ann A

Sally Ann B

Sally Ann C

Sally Ann Johnson

Sally Gardens

Sally Goodin' 1

Sally Goodin' 2

Sally In The Garden

Sally Johnson

Salt River 1

Salt River 2

Sandy River Belle 1

Sandy River Belle 2

Santa Anna's Retreat

Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle?

Da Scalloway Lasses

Scotland The Brave

Sheebeg And Sheemore

Sheehan's Reel

Shelvin Rock 1

Ship In The Clouds

Ships Are Sailing

Shooting Creek

Shoot The Turkey Buzzard

The Silver Spire

Silver Threads Among The Gold

Sleeping Lulu

Sleep Soond Ida Moarin'

Sligo Maid

Smash The Windows

Smith's Reel

Snoring Mrs. Gobeil

Snowbird On The Ashbank

Snowflake Reel

Snowshoes A

Soldier's Joy

Sonny's Mazurka


Speed The Plough

The Star Above The Garter

The Star Of Munster

Star Of The County Down

Staten Island

Stone's Rag

Stoney Creek

Stoney Point

Stony Fork

Sugar Hill

Sugar In The Gourd

The Swallow Tail Jig

The Swallow's Tail Reel

Sweet Bunch Of Daisies

Swinging Fiddles

Swinging On A Gate

Take Me Back To Georgia

Tarbolton Reel

Tater Patch

Temperance Reel

Texas Gales

There's A Brown Skin Gal

Three-In-One Two-Step

Timour The Tartar

Tobin's Jig

Tom And Jerry

Too Young To Marry

Toss The Feathers

Trip To Sligo

Trude Evans

Turkey In The Straw

Twenty-Eight Of January

Twinkle Little Star

Twin Sisters 1

Da Underhill

Up Jumped The Devil


Wake Up Susan 1

Walking In My Sleep

Walkin' In The Parlor

Washington County

Ways Of The World

The Weavers

Wedding March From Unst

Wednesday Night Waltz

Western Country

West Fork Gals

Westphalia Waltz

The Wheels Of The World

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Whistling Rufus

The White Cockade

White Horse Breakdown

Wild Rose Of The Mountain

The Wind The Shakes The Barley

The Wise Maid

Woodchopper's Reel

Year Of Jubilo

You Married My Daughter, And Yet You Didn't


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