Saint Patrick Was A Cajun

61 tunes - 93 pages

(Book and accompianment CD available seperately or as a set)

  This is a wonderful collection of "new Irish traditional" tunes by the world renowned Flute/Whistle player L.E. McCullough. It includes a very good forward by L.E. McCullough, some notes about the musical notation in the book, the history of how and where many of the tunes were written, and a very informative interview with L.E. McCullough about the composing process.


There are a total of 61 tunes - all are in keys that are easily played on a D whistle or flute. Chords for guitar or piano are also included.

St. Patrick was a Cajun - Book

This book is not intended as a tutorial!
It has no fingering charts, or music reading lessons. It is an excellent book for someone that can already read music.



St. Patrick was a Cajun - Two CD Set
The Two CD Set includes all tunes from the book
(Book and CD can be purchased seperately or together below)



St. Patrick Was A Cajun


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