Celtic Back-Up

For All Instrumentalists

102 Pages - Includes Book and Online Audio - By Chris Smith

From the book:
This book teaches a willing student how to perform the most crucial function for a chordal instrument in the Celtic seisiún: to play tasteful, interesting, imaginative, and supportive improvised accompaniment. This is probably the most common role for a guitarist, mandolinist, bouzouki or piano player in such settings, yet there is remarkably little material available to teach you how to do it. Celtic Backup addresses that lack.



This book is simply amazing in the amount of information that it contains. It is not a songbook (although it does contain many great tunes and scales), it is an in-depth study into the art of improvisational accompaniment.


This book assumes that your are able to:

  • Locate notes by name on your instrument.

  • Locate major and minor scales on your instrument.

  • Understand the fundamentals of musical rhythm: time signatures, division of beats, etc.



If you'd like to get a better idea of what's covered, you can follow these links to:

Book Contents

Online Audio Contents



Celtic Back-Up - Book & Online Audio

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