Selections From

For Pennywhistle

Composed by Bill Whelan
Arranged by Des Moore
Performed on whistle by Ivan Goff


One of the most popular shows of our time, Riverdance took the world by storm in 1995. The tunes in the show use a wide variety of different instruments, including - among many others - Whistle, Low whistle, Uilleann Pipes and flute. This book and CD set takes many of these tunes and arranges them specifically for Soprano D whistle.

Riverdance for Pennywhistle


Included in this book/CD set:

  • Guitar chords (including fingerings, intros, outtros and rhythms for guitar where needed)

  • Whistle melodies for all tunes (including some ornamentations)

  • A very interesting preface by Composer Bill Whelan

  • Performance notes for each tune by whistle player Ivan Goff

  • A brief biography of whistle player Ivan Goff

The CD includes all tunes from the book. The tunes are played on the CD just as they appear in the book. This makes it very easy for a fairly advanced player to learn the tunes and play along.


Tunes Included:

  • America Wake (First Reel)

  • Lift the Wings
  • America Wake (Second Reel)

  • Reel Around the Sun
  • The Countess Cathleen

  • Riverdance
  • The Harvest

  • Riverdance Finale
  • Heartland

  • Slip Into Spring
  • Home and the Heartland

  • Women of the Sidhe



This book is not a tutorial - there are no instructions included for reading sheetmusic. We recommend this book for fairly advanced players - most of the tunes are complex - all are played at full speed on the CD.

If you want the complete sheetmusic for the tunes in Riverdance, we suggest that you purchase "Riverdance - The Songbook". While not written specifically for whistle, it does include all the tunes from the show. It can be purchased from our
New Items Page.

Selections From Riverdance For Pennywhistle

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