Complete Irish Tin Whistle
Book and Online Audio

144 Pages - By Mizzy McCaskill & Dona Gilliam


    This is probably one of the most complete tutorials made for the Whistle. The one thing that it doesn't cover in detail is how to read sheet music. If you're new to reading sheet music, it is recommended that you pick up a tutorial that explains the basics in more detail also ("Fun With the Tinwhistle" or "You Can Teach Yourself Tinwhistle" would be excellent choices). This book is good for a beginner that can read music, but is also very good for intermediate and even advanced whistle players.

   It's a whopping 144 pages thick! The book starts with a very complete description - including pictures - of most whistles currently available, then goes on to teach the fundamentals of whistle playing. Its packed full of great tunes.


   It also goes into detail explaining the differences between Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Set Dance, etc. The best feature of this book, however, is the amount of instruction that's dedicated to ornamentation. It is full of detailed instruction for Slides, Cuts, Double Grace Notes, Triple Grace Notes, Triplets, Rolls, Bends, etc.  This truly is a complete whistle tutorial!

The online audio covers 13 tunes from the book in mp3 format.

You will need to have a Whistle in the key of D to make proper use of this book. All the tunes are written in keys that are meant to be played on a D whistle. Take a look at the Whistle Section of our online catalog if you need a D Whistle.



Complete Irish Tinwhistle
Book And Online Audio - Catalog# 339
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