Step One: Play Pennywhistle

42 Pages - By Peter Pickow

This very reasonably priced book and CD set was designed to help the beginning and intermediate whistle player. It includes very detailed instruction for the beginner, a fingering chart, many basics in reading music, as well as traditional ornamentation (cuts, rolls, bends, etc). All the tunes in the beginning of the book have fingerings printed above them, then as you progress the fingerings are only added when an alternate fingering is required - guitar/piano chords are included for all tunes.

Each exercise and tune are also played on the CD. The whistle comes out one speaker, and the guitar accompaniment comes out the other. This allows you to play along with one or the other, or both, depending on how you set the balance of your stereo (this is very helpful...).


Step One: Play Pennywhistle
Cover may differ from the image shown above. We sometimes ship "Step One: Teach Yourself Pennywhistle" Book &CD instead of "Step One: Play Pennywhistle" Book & CD. The only difference between the two is the cover - the material contained in each is identical.


    We highly recommend this book and CD set for a beginning whistle player, or an intermediate player that wants to learn more about ornamentation.

   It is necessary to have a Whistle in the key of D (Low D or High D) to make proper use of this book. All the tunes are written in D or G (plus one in the key of A) - these keys are easily played with a D whistle. Take a look at our Whistle Section  if you don't own a D Whistle.


   Step One CD


You might also want to take a look at Step One: Teach Yourself Pennywhistle. It includes the same book and CD as this set (with a slightly different name), but also includes a video!


Step One: Play Pennywhistle

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