The Tin Whistle Book

Tutorial and Tune Book
By Tom Maguire
45 Pages

   (Book and accompaniment CD available separately or as a set)

   This title is an excellent way to get started on Whistle - even if you've never played an instrument before in your life! It covers the basics of holding and blowing the instrument, as well as the basics for reading sheetmusic. Also included are lots of great traditional tunes (see list below). Note that this title is not meant to be an in-depth study of the basics of Tin Whistle; it's more for someone that just wants to pick up the instrument and start having fun!


From the front cover:
An easy, straightforward approach to playing the Tin Whistle, complete with a selection of easy tunes and traditional son & dance airs from Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, Brittany, England & Wales"




From the back cover:
This step-by-step instruction book offers all that's needed to master the basics of Tin Whistle playing. Starting off with easy, well-known tunes, the beginning player quickly learns about many aspects of reading and playing the music. Simple melodies are used that gradually introduce many facets of playing the ever popular Tin - or 'Penny' Whistle. In addition, a large repertoire of traditional tunes from many lands has been included."




 It is necessary to have a Whistle in the key of D to make proper use of this book!
All of the lessons and tunes are written in D or G - these keys are easily played with a D whistle. Take a look at our Whistle Section  if you don't own a D Whistle.


The Tin Whistle Book


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