Polishing Cloths
For Lacquered Brass or Nickel & Silver



Keep your whistle bright and shiny with one of these polishing cloths.

The "Lacquer" Cloth measures 10.5" x 15" and is perfect for polishing lacquered brass whistles.

The "Silver" Cloth measures 7" x 16" and is perfect for polishing Nickel and Silver whistles.


Instructions (from package):
"Use the Cleaning Cloth to remove dirt and fingerprints without damaging their delicate finish. Roll cloth into a ball and rub lightly, cleaning a small section of the instrument at a time. Do not wash cleaning cloth. Discoloration does not in any way affect its use. It will last and give good result until worn to shreds."





      Lacquer Polishing Cloth - Catalog# HE90 - $3.24    

      Silver Polishing Cloth - Catalog# HE92 - $3.24       


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