Teflon Tape
(Plumber's Tape)

" x 520" Roll

   Teflon Tape if very handy to have for a whistle player. A wrap or two of this tape will tighten up a tuning slide while allowing you to decide how easily the slide should move. This tape is also quite often a must when you're "making your nontunable whistle tunable".

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 The tape sticks to itself, but is not actually an adhesive - it will not effect the finish on your whistle. Just wrap it at least once around the body of the whistle, then cut or tear it off. Stretching the tape while wrapping thins it out some if needed. Put the head back on with a twisting motion, twisting in the same direction that you wrapped the tape.



Note that whistles with O-rings in the tuning slide should not ever require Plumber's Tape. Some examples of these are Susato, Silkstone and Burke. These whistle's tuning slides require - at the most - an occasional light greasing (if recommended by the maker). If an O-ring slide becomes loose over time, replacing the O-rings will usually fix the problem.


While our price is not overly high for this tape, you can probably purchase it at your local Hardware Store, Home Center or Plumbing Supply Center for less. We offer it here as a convenience due to multiple requests.

Plumber's Tape
" x 520" Roll

Price - $3.80 each
Catalog# - PT169


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