Sweetone by Clarke

Sweetone Whistle by Clarke

Available in the keys of D and C

Many colors available


   The Sweetone is one of the best whistles for a beginner - it is played very easily in the entire two octave range, and is capable of all the ornamentation that other whistles are. It is made by Clarke - a company that has been making whistles since 1843. The fipple (mouthpiece) was designed for Clarke by Michael Copeland. Mr. Copeland made the whistle that was played in the movie "Titanic", and also is believed to have made the whistle that was played by Captain Picard on a few episodes of Star Trek. His whistles now almost always have a very long waiting list (This is not a Copeland whistle, but the fipple was designed by him).

   It has a wonderful bright sound, with a 2 octave range. Also included is a fingering chart and songsheet. The whistle is made of tin-plate, and the mouthpiece is plastic.

   This whistle was originally designed by Clarke as a children's whistle, but was quickly accepted by other players, due to the consistency of the sound they produce, and the ease of producing any note in its two octave range.

   Note that they can also be made tunable. Take a look in our Beginner's Section for more info on how to do this.


Shades of colors may vary from the images shown on this page.


If you are new to playing whistle, we recommend that you start with a whistle in the key of D. See our Beginner's Section for more info on whistle keys.


Natural Sweetone


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Clarke Sweetone
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