Generation Whistles

Available in the keys of Bb, C, D, Eb, F & G

Generations Brass Set                               Generations Nickel Set

Generation "Folk" Whistle (key of D) is also available!


   Generation whistles are made in England. They are available in your choice of Brass (pictured on the left) or Nickel (pictured on the right). They have a plastic fipple (mouthpiece).  The plastic fipple has become accepted by traditional whistle players over the years, because of the consistency of sound compared to a wooden fipple (wood can change tone when wet...). The brass whistles have a warmer sound, the nickel's tone is brighter.

   Whistles of any key are all fingered the same, but the notes played are different. See our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more info on playing with different keyed whistles.

   Note that these whistles can be made tunable. See our Beginner's Section for instructions on how to do this.




(Don't forget to order  Whistle Pouches for your whistles!)


Please Note:
Occasionally, Generation whistles can arrive with very small dents in the body, in the area of the lowest finger hole. This is due to the way that Generation packs these whistles for shipping (the dent is made by the mouthpiece of another whistle that was packed in the same box):

This occurs most often on their Bb whistles; these small dents are barely noticeable, do not affect the playability of the whistle, and are not covered by warranty.

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Generation Whistles 

 Brass Set (6 Whistles) - #509 - $43.65 Save approx. 10%!
 Nickel Set (6 Whistles) - #510 - $49.50  Save approx. 10%!
 Brass G  -  #142  -  $7.35  Nickel G - #148 - $8.35
 Brass F  -  #141  -  $7.45  Nickel F - #147 - $8.70
 Brass Eb  -  #140  -  $7.80  Nickel Eb - #146 - $8.80
 Brass D  -  #139BRS  -  $8.00  Nickel D - #145 - $9.15
 Brass C  -  #138  -  $8.70  Nickel C - #144 - $9.75
 Brass Bb  -  #137  -  $9.15  Nickel Bb - #143 - $10.20

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