Mel Bay Brass D

Mel Bay Bright Brass Whistle

Key of D


   This Pennywhistle is made by Mel Bay - a name recognized for quality in music since 1947. It is tuned to the key of "D" - this is the most popular key for traditional Irish music. It's made of polished brass, giving it a high quality bright finish (most other inexpensive brass whistles have a duller brushed finish). It has a plastic fipple (mouthpiece). The plastic fipple has become accepted by traditional players, due to the consistency of sound that it provides. It is played very easily in the entire two octave range, and has a pleasant, warm tone.

   It comes in a reusable see-through pouch (see pic below), and includes a fingering chart. Note that this whistle can be make tunable. See our Beginner's Section for instructions on how to do this.


Mel Bay Brass D



Sorry - This whistle is no longer available. We have left this page up for reference only.




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