Hoover Whistle - Soprano D - Narrow Bore

Hoover Tunable Narrow-bore Soprano D

By Mack Hoover


Hoover whistles are made of polished brass, with a fipple plug made of moisture-resistant Corian. Our pictures of Mack's whistles do not do them justice (we have trouble getting bright brass to show up properly in our pictures) they are beautiful whistles. Each whistle is signed and numbered by Mack Hoover.

Note that the image shown on this page is of a Non-tunable Hoover; the Narrow-bore Hoovers that we are currently stock are tunable!

   These whistles have a soft, sweet tone and are perfect for playing at a lower volume. They reach the second octave notes very easily, and will usually even play a number of notes into the third octave.

   Because of the narrower bore (7/16") this whistle is a bit touchy (you have to have more breath control than with some other whistles), so we may not recommend them for a beginner (see the note from Thom below for more on this).

   Mack does not lacquer his whistles, so they take on the patina of a well-played whistle quickly. If you prefer a bright shine to your whistle, Mack recommends a non-toxic brass polish like Never-Dull. Never-Dull is available from The George Basch Co., Inc.,  Freeport, New York 11520.




 Marbilized Fipple Plug



(The following is a note from our Owner)
   When I first tried one of these whistles I was very impressed. I'm a sucker for a sweet sounding whistle, and Mack's is exactly that. It has a low volume and a pure, sweet tone. The diameter is narrow (7/16"), so it's a bit touchier than many whistles (as far as air requirements go), but this is easy to get used to. The second octave impressed me with this whistle - it hits the high notes quite easily, and they sound very pure.
One other item worth mentioning is that you can not play a C natural note with this whistle using the OXX OOO fingering. C natural can be played using half-hole fingering, or with the fingering OXX XXO.
Thom Larson



Hoover Mouthpiece


You also might want to take a look at the Hoover Traditional Bore Whistle, if you're looking for a more traditional (but still very quiet) whistle.


(Don't forget to order a Whistle Pouch for your whistle!)


Hoover Whistle - Soprano D - Narrow Bore, Tunable

Price - $55.00 each

Catalog# - 153

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