Nose Flute

(Also called a "Humanatone")

Assorted bright colors
Trophy Music Co.


A truly unique instrument(?) that's fun for any age. The flute is held over your nose and mouth (see 2nd pic below), you blow it through your nose (it's not as bad as it sounds from the description...). Your open mouth becomes the "sound chamber" - as you open and close your mouth, the pitch of the note changes.

The sound of the Nose Flute is reminiscent of a Slide Whistle, but is still very unique. With some practice, it is quite possible to play tunes on it.

As with many other wind instruments, it can also probably be improved by some "tweaking". For instance, on one we were playing with here, we used some Scotch tape to narrow the air opening and to focus the wind-stream to sweeten the tone and cut down a bit on the air requirements.


The Nose Flute comes in many bright colors (Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow and others). If you have a favorite color, please feel free to request it in the "Special Instructions" box as you Check-out using our Shopping Cart. If possible, we will send that color - if that color is not currently available, we will substitute one of the colors that we do have in stock.

Nose Flute

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