Oak Classic, Key of D

Classic Pennywhistle

Nickel finish - Key of D or C



   This is an Oak Classic Pennywhistle, made in Ireland. It's made of solid brass, and then is triple nickel plated to give it a wonderful shine. It has a bright tone that has a bit of an "edge" in the upper register, and requires less air than many other inexpensive whistles. 



The whistle is shipped in a clear gift box (see pic below).




Oak Classic, Key of D
The D Gift Box is shown above. The C Gift Box has a dark green background.


  Don't forget to order a Whistle Pouch for your whistle!


      Oak Classic, Key of D - Catalog# 171 - $10.45     

      Oak Classic, Key of C - Catalog# 170 - $12.35   


Orders outside the U.S. must be for a minimum of $30.00 in merchandise!


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