Sweetone by Clarke

Tweaked Shaw Whistle
Key of D


Sorry, no longer available from Jerry Freeman


Comments about the Tweaked Shaw from Thom Larson (owner of The Whistle Shop):
Shaw whistles are very similar in appearance to the Natural Original Clarke whistle, in that they are made of rolled tin with a wooden fipple plug. They are usually a favorite among participants in "Period" events (Renaissance Fairs, Civil War reenactments, etc.).
We have never stocked Shaws in the past, simply because all of them that I have tried playing myself have been too breathy and required too much air. I find that Jerry's tweak of these whistles is excellent; he makes them very sweet sounding and totally fixes the higher air-requirement problem. I highly recommend this whistle!


Comments about the Tweaked Shaw from Dale Wisely of The Chiff & Fipple:
"The Shaw whistles are very solid and well made whistles, similar in overall design to the original Clarke. Jerry Freeman's tweak of the Shaw whistles transforms them.  He completely eliminates the wind requirement problems and produces a focused tone and a much more responsive instrument.  The Freeman-tweaked Shaw becomes an excellent choice as a step-up from the most inexpensive, mass-produced instruments."





The "tweaked" Shaw whistle has been fine-tuned by Jerry Freeman. You'll find Jerry's comments about what he does (and why) below:

It is customary for serious musicians to make special modifications and adjustments ("tweaking" or "voicing") to bring out the full musical potential of this traditional folk instrument.

The windway, windcutter blade edge and (if necessary) fipple block have been tweaked by Jerry Freeman to:

  • Fine-tune the airflow so the instrument produces more musical sound and noticeably less "breathiness" for a given amount of air blown in,
  • Create an optimal amount of "back pressure" so the whistle is more receptive to subtle breath control. This produces a more expressive and responsive instrument. The sensation is that this whistle "sings."
  • Reduce the amount of air needed to a comfortable level without sacrificing volume.
  • Sweeten and strengthen the upper register
  • If necessary, strengthen and stabilize the lowest two notes.

I'm particularly fond of these tweaked Shaw whistles for two main reasons:

  1. They are well made instruments from quality materials. The metal is German silver, and the fipple block is hardwood. They are more solidly made than other whistles of the conical, rolled metal construction. These whistles have a quality, authentic traditional appearance.
  2. They produce a beautiful tone, the best example I know of a "pure-drop authentic tinwhistle sound." They have a much cleaner and stronger voice than other tinwhistles of similar construction, and they provide a pure, "ethereal" sound that's associated with traditional whistle music.

 Enjoy your whistle!

Best wishes,



Text in this box is used by kind permission of Jerry Freeman



If you are new to playing whistle, we always recommend that you start with a whistle in the key of D. See our Beginner's Section for more info on whistle keys.


This whistle may or may not include the display box shown in the pic above (most shipments to us do not include this box anymore...).


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Sorry, no longer available from Jerry Freeman

Tweaked Shaw
, Key of D

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