Mel Bay Tinwhistle Starter Kit

Includes Whistle, Tutorial, CD and Songbook




This set includes one each of the following:

You save approx. 10% by ordering these items as a set!!!


Note that we also offer this Set in a "tweaked" version (with our Tweeked "Original" Clarke Tinwhistle, instead of the Sweetone). See our "Tweeked" Original Clarke Page for more details about what we do to tweak this whistle.

NOTE (about ordering this Set with a Tweeked Clarke whistle):
Due to increased demand for our Tweeked Clarkes, shipment of your order may be delayed when it includes a "Tweeked" Original Clarke Whistle. This delay should never be over a week.

Mel Bay Tinwhistle Starter Set


        Mel Bay Tinwhistle Starter Set w/ Sweetone D whistle - Catalog# 281S - Price $17.65                   

Mel Bay Tinwhistle Starter Set w/ Tweeked Original Clarke Whistle - Catalog# 512 - Price $38.65  


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