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We are currently out of stock on the Walton's Little Black D mouthpiece. This item is on backorder from our supplier; we are not sure when our next shipment will be arriving here. Please feel free to place your order at this time; we will then ship it as soon as possible.


If you have the urge to try your hand at whistle-making, you'll probably find it much easier if you have a pre-made mouthpiece to start with.

Suitable tubing for your whistle's body can be found at your local home center, plumbing supplier or hobby shop - or in your own bathroom, if the rest of your family doesn't mind living without the shower curtain rod and towel bars

You'll find that PVC, copper, brass and aluminum tubing are among the most popular materials for the bodies of home-made whistles.

Pictures below are not to scale!

Some mouthpieces are available that are not pictured below (see the full list at the bottom of this page)

susatohead.jpg (11691 bytes) 1lbdhead.jpg (6658 bytes)

Susato "Kildare" S-series Soprano Mouthpiece Shown (for 5/8" diameter body).
Other Kildare Mouthpieces are also available below.

Walton's "Little Black D" Mouthpiece
(for 1/2" diameter body)


Susato "Oriole" S-series Soprano Mouthpiece Shown (for 5/8" diameter body).
Other Kildare Mouthpieces are also available below.


These are mouthpieces only (they do not include the whistle body), so they are not playable by themselves!
For a full selection of ready-to-play instruments, see our Online Catalog.



Here are a few places where you can find out more about making your own whistle:
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  OUT OF STOCK! - 276 - Little Black D Mouthpiece - $4.99 (for 1/2" diameter body)
  OHead2 - Susato Oriole S-Series Mouthpiece, Brown - $15.00
         (for 5/8" diameter body)
  KPWH18-V - Susato Kildare V-Series Mouthpiece, Black - $24.45
         (for 9/16" diameter body)
  KPWH20-S - Susato Kildare S-Series Mouthpiece, Black - $24.45
(for 5/8" diameter body)
  KPWH22-M - Susato Kildare M-Series Mouthpiece, Black - $37.95
         (for 13/16" diameter body)
  KPWH24-L - Susato Kildare L-Series Mouthpiece, Black (NOT for Low C or C# Whistle), Black - $49.95
         (for 7/8" diameter body)
  #KPWH26-L - Susato Kildare LX-Series Mouthpiece, Black (for Low C and C#) - $51.95
         (for 7/8" diameter body)


Orders outside the U.S. must be for a minimum of $30.00 in merchandise!


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