The Enchanted Whistle

The Enchanted Whistle and Child's Tutorial

By Clarke

Available in the key of D


  This set is perfect as a child's first instrument. Pennywhistle is a great instrument to use to introduce a young child to playing music, and this set is designed to teach in a fun way. The tutorial also doubles as a coloring book, and the set even includes colored pencils. When the child has successfully completed a lesson, they get to color the page. The book teaches the notes slowly, adding them song by song. While reading notes on a staff is not covered in this book, note values are introduced (see 3rd pic).


   The whistle that's included is a Sweetone by Clarke in the key of D - a very good whistle for a player of any age. The one that's in this set is unusual - the only way  to get this color whistle and mouthpiece is in this set. The whistle color is interesting, It's green with an antiqued gold-fleck look (see 4th pic).






Enchanted Whistle Set


Enchanted Whistle Set (back)


Note that this whistle can also be made tunable. Take a look in our Beginner's Section for more info on how to do this.


Song/Coloring Book


Enchanted Whistle Close Up


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The Enchanted Whistle, Key of D

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