Dolce-Duo Double Whistle

by Susato



This is a totally unique tunable whistle from Susato - two Oriole whistle heads are attached together at an angle, making a double whistle!


The "Dolce-Duo D Double Whistle" that we sell has one regular S-series Oriole Soprano D body, and one S-series Oriole Soprano D body that only plays the notes D, E, F# and G (of course, half-holing and cross-fingering can produce other notes also). You can play either whistle individually (by simply repositioning your mouth), or you can play both whistles together for harmonies. If you position both whistle bodies just right, you can even hold your fingers flat across the lower three notes on both whistles, allowing you to play those notes in unison (this definitely takes some practice...).

The double mouthpiece will accept any Oriole-style Susato body, including Oriole whistles, tabor pipes and pentacorders (all in any key) allowing for almost unlimited harmonic possibilities.


Susato Orioles have a bright, round tone, and are louder than most other whistles - they can keep up well in sessions with other instruments. The narrow, curved windway requires very little air, and the whistle plays quite easily in it's entire two octave range - usually even a few notes above this! One nice feature of the Susato is the thumbrest. This gives support for the whistle, is adjustable or can be removed completely if desired. Also included is a clear plastic whistle pouch and a Susato fingering chart.







If you're new to whistles, we always recommend a basic Soprano D as your first whistle. See our Beginner's Section for information on this.


Stefan Kelischek (of Susato) playing the Dolce-Duo


Dolce-Duo Double Whistle

Small Bore (S-Series)

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Some images and text on this page used with kind permission of Susato

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