Silkstone "Ace" Whistle

Quite sadly, Paul Hayward passed away in November 2012. Silkstone whistles are no longer available.
Rest in peace, Paul.


Tunable - Dplus Model


Silkstone Whistles are made in England by Paul Hayward. Paul pays tremendous attention to detail and it shows in the quality of his whistles. He has been making high quality PVC Whistles and has recently expanded to aluminum alloy - and now the "Ace".

Here is a description of the Ace whistle (from the Silkstone website):
The Ace is bored and turned from solid acetal copolymer, and is fitted with alloy rings and a thin-walled brass tuning slide. Acetal is an extremely stable and durable polymer which, I humbly suggest, offers the benefits of exotic hardwoods but without the drawbacks.


The Ace Dplus is a 4-part whistle (with a brass tuning slide). Note the 7th finger hole (this is what makes it a "Dplus" whistle) - this hole is fingered using the little finger of the right hand. If you just ignore this hole (leaving it open all the time), the whistle plays exactly like any other D whistle.
The difference is that when you cover the seventh hole, you can play a completely in-tune Cnatural! This means not only that you can now play a note below the normal lowest D on your whistle, it also means that you can play an in-tune Cnatural in the next two octaves without using cross-fingerings!


Also included with this whistle is a soft felt pouch, an Owner's Manual and a Certificate of Authenticity.


As of this time, Paul Hayward is no longer making whistles.


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