Silkstone Alloy Whistle

Tunable - Key of D

Quite sadly, Paul Hayward passed away in November 2012. Silkstone whistles are no longer available.
Rest in peace, Paul.


Silkstone Whistles are made in England by Paul Hayward. Paul pays tremendous attention to detail and it shows in the quality of his whistles. He has been making high quality PVC Whistles and has recently expanded to aluminum alloy.

The Silkstone Alloy is a truly wonderful whistle. Paul uses PVC for the top of the mouthpiece and an acetal fipple plug. When this is combined with the gently curving windway it helps to solve one problem that many aluminum alloy whistles have - it is not prone to clogging! The tone is excellent throughout its entire two octave range. It's loud enough to keep up in sessions without being at all shrill - it has a nice round, sweet voice.

Note that it is tunable - the tuning slide works smoothly thanks to rubber O-rings in the tuning joint.

Silkstone Soprano D Alloy

Also included with this whistle is a soft felt pouch, an Owner's Manual and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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    As of this time, Paul Hayward is no longer making whistles.


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