Ireland's Best Slow Airs

110 Tunes - 64 Pages

   (Book and accompaniment CD available separately or as a set)

   We receive email quite often from people looking for this exact type of book - a collection of Airs! While this collection of tunes was not put together specifically for whistle, every song is in the key of D or G (and one in the key of C), making it perfect for a D whistle - there are plenty of songs that would be excellent for a Low D whistle also.


From the Cover:

110 of Ireland's most beautiful and haunting melodies including Laments - Airs from old Gaelic songs - O'Carolan Compositions - Suitable for all melody instruments.


Ireland's Best Slow Airs  


Book/CD Sets in the "Ireland's Best" Series:
- Slow Airs
- Session Tunes
- Session Tunes, Vol. 2
- Tin Whistle Tunes

- Polkas & Slides
- Fiddle Tunes


Slow Airs - Two CD Set




Musicians featured on the Slow Airs CD:

~ Low Whistle / Tin Whistle: Harry Long
~ Uilleann Pipes: Darach De Brúin
~ Harp: Mary O'Donnell
~ Fiddle: Sinéad Madden

Total Running Time: approx. 2 hours


This book is not intended as a tutorial! It has no fingering charts, or music reading lessons. It is an excellent book for someone that can already read music.


Ireland's Best Slow Airs


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