Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes

110 Tunes - 48 Pages - Compiled By Claire McKenna

(Book and accompaniment CD available separately or as a set)


   This collection was compiled by whistle player/teacher Claire McKenna, and contains 110 tunes! The tunes are arranged specifically for whistle, and include guitar chords as well as whistle fingerings below each note (on the beginner's tunes), breath marks, and ornamentation. Tunes in this book are intended for playing on a D whistle.


The tunes are arranged in three categories: Beginners, Improvers and Advanced. We do recommend that you be able to read sheet music to properly use this book. While it does include a fingering chart and some ornamentation basics, it is not a tutorial.


Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes

This book is not intended as a tutorial!
It has no fingering charts, or music reading lessons. It is an excellent book for someone that can already read music.



Book/CD Sets in the "Ireland's Best" Series:

  • - Slow Airs
    - Session Tunes
    - Session Tunes, Vol. 2
    - Tin Whistle Tunes

    - Polkas & Slides
    - Fiddle Tunes


    Tinwhistle Tunes Two CD Set
    The Two CD Set includes all tunes from the book
    (Book and CD can be purchased separately or together below)

    Ireland's Best Tinwhistle Tunes


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